Market Insights Case Study: Center of Excellence Profiling and Strategy

Client Situation

Our client, an emerging oncology biotechnology company, was preparing to launch a key immuno-oncology asset that would be the first product in its class. They requested assistance in identifying, prioritizing, and developing strategy for its top-tier centers of excellence (COEs).

Promidian Solution

In this project, Promidian supported this client in prioritizing and profiling the company’s top-100 target COEs. First, we collected, researched, and analyzed all existing information on proposed COEs in the disease area being considered.

We established a few initial “filters” to help us select the top-tier—approximately 100—COEs to be considered as part of this assessment. We then partnered with the client team to define COE readiness criteria, for which we conducted additional research and with which we prioritized the top-tier centers. The team also used the defined criteria to help construct the profile for the 100 COEs.

We then conducted supplementary primary research in the top 40 COEs to draw out additional insights across the highest priority centers, segmenting them by theme. Finally, in collaboration with the client, we developed strategic plans for each of the COE segments.

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