Market Insights Case Study: Due Diligence Assistance

Client Situation

A rapidly growing specialty biopharma company was considering acquiring an in-line specialty drug indicated for a rare disease and needed due diligence assistance on a tight timeline. Senior leadership at the company sought Promidian’s expertise in completing the diligence efforts and making a go/no-go decision.

Promidian Solution

We supported our client’s due diligence effort across two phases—non-binding bid and binding bid—and our work included development of a revenue forecast model, as they needed financial guidance grounded in market research in order to make an informed, strategic decision.

Promidian immediately sprang to action, working with the client team to prioritize the key questions to be addressed and align on timing for project output and key deliverables in light of the accelerated schedule.

We conducted primary research with key opinion leaders, physicians, and payers to support the diligence effort. We also conducted extensive desk research and evaluation of third-party data. We developed comprehensive deliverables that included results from the research conducted as well as the revenue forecast and highlighted key considerations and risks for our client. Finally, we presented the output to senior company leadership, including the president, and the client was able to make an informed decision to acquire the product.

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