Growth Maximization Case Study: Customer Engagement Strategy for Medical Affairs Organization

Client Situation

The medical affairs organization of our client, a large oncology-focused biotech company, needed help understanding how best to interface with its customers and in creating a framework that would be used across the entire organization.

Promidian Solution

We helped the client operationalize a flexible engagement framework that coordinates existing and new customer interactions across the medical affairs organization. Our solution was both strategic and tactical and spanned four key areas: understanding the customer, value proposition and capabilities, customer engagement framework, and execution plans.

Understanding the Customer: We conducted extensive secondary and primary research with internal stakeholders to identify current and emerging medical affairs customers and their needs.

Value Proposition and Capabilities: We first cataloged current medical affairs activities, then mapped these activities to customer needs, and finally identified gaps in customer-facing offerings.

Customer Engagement Framework: We outlined an enhanced medical affairs customer engagement framework that detailed and prioritized activities and focus areas.

Execution Plans: Finally, we collaborated with key internal stakeholders to establish execution plans and timelines to address the prioritized activities and focus areas for enhanced customer engagement.