Product Commercialization Case Study: Early-Stage Medical Device Commercial Strategy

Client Situation

An early-stage, small medical device company needed to assess the market opportunity and develop commercial strategy for a medical device still in development for an ophthalmology indication. The president and CEO of the company engaged Promidian to assist them in accomplishing these goals.

Promidian Solution

In tackling the first objective to assess the market, the Promidian team conducted both extensive desk research and primary research with physicians and patients to understand treatment pathways, options, and unmet needs for the indication. We also tested a product profile with physicians and patients to understand positive attributes, concerns, and pricing considerations. Using the results from the primary and secondary research, we developed a market assessment of the disease area.

We then used the insights from the market assessment to tackle the client’s second overarching goal: commercial strategy. We identified and elucidated opportunities and challenges for the client in commercializing the asset. Finally, we defined key strategic options supported with revenue forecasts and commercialization requirements.