Growth Maximization

Today it is more important than ever for executives and marketers to maximize the value of their brands across the product lifecycle. Promidian leverages extensive experience in brand planning and proven methodologies to guide product success. Key service offerings for in-line products include:

  • Brand performance diagnostic
  • Brand planning and strategy development
  • Payer value proposition refinement
  • Contracting strategy
  • Lifecycle planning
  • Loss-of-exclusivity planning

Case Studies

Customer Engagement Strategy for Medical Affairs Organization

Promidian assisted a top-five biotech company’s medical affairs organization in defining its priority customers, identifying gaps in its offerings to its customers, and developing an enhanced customer engagement framework and execution plans for interfacing with its customers. (Click for more)

Loss-of-Exclusivity Assessment for Ultra-Rare Orphan Drug

Promidian conducted a loss-of-exclusivity (LOE) assessment to inform an LOE strategy to support a biopharma company in defending its product for an ultra-rare orphan drug against generic competitors. (Click for more)